How do I report a service problem?

You can use this site to report any problems you may have with our service.  Just click on Submit a request and fill in the appropriate fields.  One of our customer service reps will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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    Mr. Corey,

    I have been a loyal customer for more than 14 years. Today I called dispatch at least six (6) times between 2:00-4:06pm.  I was waiting at the Krogers at Ashton Place.  It's been raining all day and I was told at least once that I was the next in the cue. Still, even after that my wait was 30 min.  Mr. Stanley was off duty; but, fortunately, he responded and picked me up around 4:20.  He had a passenger already and she was amenable.  

    Two hours is a long time to wait for service, in light of my proximity to the company. This was no where near the quality of service I have received to date.  Also, the Dispatcher seemed very indifferent to my plight. She might have informed me that the wait would be "extremely" long, when I called the second or third time.  I had food that needed refrigeration!!!

    I am thankful that Mr. Stanley came and that his passenger concurred.

    Rachel H Bey







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    Stacey Hill

    Ive never had a problem catching a cab now all of a sudden they cant get me n my 4 young kids n want me to catch 2 cabs ?? I was told the van isnt for large groups (even though my kids are to young to ride alone) and also that they dont have. A manager to talk too????

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