How long does it take to get a ride?

There are a lot of variables that affect this. On average for trips that originate in Charleston the wait is around 20 minutes.  Sometimes it can be a lot faster, only a few minutes.  Sometimes it can be longer.  It depends on weather, traffic, how busy we are as well as other variables.

The new app is actually the best way to place your trip request.  After you choose your pick up location it can show if there are any vehicles in the area.  If there are not a lot or any at all you know we are very busy and wait times could be a while.  The Link app will also try to find a driver within 60 seconds.  If it cannot find one then it will ask you if you want to be in queue.  Again, if it cannot find one in 60 seconds then you know we are busy and it could be a while.  However the app will keep you update on the status of your request and let you know when a driver has been assigned to your trip.


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